We are the exclusive importers of the medical devices and cosmetic products of some popular global brands. We are also producer of the unique water bottles for kids in brand IQBottles. In cooperation with our partner companies, we ensure the distribution of our range of goods to other European countries as well.


On the basis of amount and size, we ensure the import and distribution of the goods by our own fleet or in cooperation with the parcel services with which we have long-time good business relations. Hence we can guarantee reliable, fast and punctual logistics for our customers. We have active distribution channels with the companies in Czech republic, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Saudi Arabia, China, Poland, etc.


We are producers of our own products, so called smart products of brand “+IQ”, which are produced and assembled in Slovakia. Some of their parts or elements are produced in Austria and the Czech Republic. We are putting great emphasis on high-quality processing and on the use of the first-quality materials. Whole production process runs under the qualified and professional supervision of the operatives by our business partners. In case of interest, we are able to supply our clients with the products produced under their license and with their own package.

Production process

We have the long-time experience with the production, which we can utilize for the custom producing. Our team of experts is able to recommend, design, test and make the products from our offer, such as syrup concentrates in 54 ml packages, lip balms of your choice or water bottles for daily use with your own logo and packages in individual versions.

Market research

During the process of new product search, our company invests plenty of time to the research of home and foreign market. One of the prime criterions is to take into consideration not only attractiveness of the product, but also its sustainability, profitability and returnability of the investments put into future innovations. Our progress is always cautious, systematic, especially in products with shorter shelf life. We take into account new trends and we keep an eye on reactions of our customers, mainly their reactions on the usability and attractiveness of our products. Before launching, our products are tested by bloggers and vloggers, who are specialized in testing of the specific products from the given sphere.